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Our Mission

Create. Protect. Enjoy.

Apex Wealth Group was born from an aspiration to make a real difference in peoples financial lives due to the industry’s ever-changing environment and at times poorly managed by people being presented with unsuitable advice. Our desire is not only to solve your current financial concerns but to build a long term relationship with you and your loved ones to make sure the plan we set in place today will reach its intended destination.

01. Create

Build your finances so they are working harder to help you achieve your goals.

02. Protect

Minimise risk by ensuring both you and your wealth are protected.

03. Enjoy

Gain the power to live the life you want and enjoy the fruits of your plan.


Robert Bacsko

Robert Bacsko, the founder of Apex Wealth Group has over 20 years of experience in the industry . With our unique process,  all advice provided is based on your individual goals and this ensures that your best interests are always at heart. Due to the complexity of the financial system, we strive to educate and coach you so that you know what your options are at all times.

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